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The Colorist Features Unique Salon Christine Decor

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Salon Christine

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The Colorist Salon Christine
At least four times a year Christine Goodis completely rearranges the interior of her 650-square-foot boutique Aveda Salon, Salon Christine. From the vintage couches and mirrors to the Craftsman toolbox stations and displays made from fallen tree branches, Salon Christine’s decor is 100 percent refurbished and recycled–and each piece is movable. Goodis, who had a background in theater before becoming a hairdresser and working with such notable talents as Vivienne Mackinder, Trevor Sorbie, Irvine Rusk and Dwight Miller, say rearranging the salon allows her to alter the mood and atmosphere. “It gives me a new and fresh outlook to see my guests in,” Goodis says. “I love how they look around in awe every time this charming studio is reconfigured.”

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