Delightfully Luxurious Services for Women and Men

“Your personal hair color and design are the poetry of your spirit.”

Fabulous Custom
Cuts and Design

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Women’s Cut/Designer Shaping (Wet or Dry*): $70+
Men’s Cut/Designer Shaping (Wet or Dry*): $60

The way your hair lays can vary from wet to dry, including the days when you don’t shampoo. We will recommend either a wet or dry cut based on what is best for your hair’s texture, movement, and strength.

Guys! Indulge in a soothing scalp massage, warm/cool eye towel, and a cut that keeps you looking dapper and fresh. Take home a pomade or wax that is just right for you.
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Luxurious Shampoo and Blowout: $80+
Luxurious Shampoo, Blowout and Flat Iron: $90+
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Child Cut (ages 2-10): $40+ (Saturday afternoons only)
Student Cut (ages 11-17): $50+ (Saturday afternoons only)

A salon-finished blowout is included in your cut/design shaping, as needed. If you are fortunate enough to have longer/thick/curly locks, an additional $20 will be added to your service, due to the extra time your hair will require to look its best. You can be guaranteed that your salon-finished blowout will carry you through the following few days of a special event or everyday living.

Custom Color

$100+: This is the best option if you are changing your hair color, growing out your color, or need to simply touch up your roots. It will add volume to your natural hair, give you a youthful glow, put an extra skip in your step and a smile on your face, and increase your self-confidence!

$65+: The perfect service if you are in a hurry, on a budget, or just need a quick fix. (Please specify this service when scheduling your appointment.)

$100+: While trends come and go, this timeless approach lends depth and brightness for a naturally “grown out” appearance. This purposeful richening of your natural color is achieved by contrasting one or more shades, with lighter tips at the ends. Enjoy the stunning effects up to two years.

$125+: Look your best with low maintenance. (You’re welcome!) We suggest this service twice per year, with partial highlights in between.

$50+: Minimal yet fabulous for a flash of interesting color around your face.

$65+: Terrific for when you want just a touch of brightness, dimension, contrast or deepening.

$160+: An artistic way to give light and depth to your hair’s movement. This absolutely gorgeous service requires zero maintenance and can last up to two years. Go for it! You deserve it!

$160+: Want to have some fun with a color melt? Let’s artistically collaborate with natural or super fun color blends, uniquely created with a specific montage of blending brushes.

$150 per hour: Having hair fashion remorse about choosing the wrong color for your hair? Fear not . . . we’ve got a fix for that. Christine’s decades of education in the Law of Color will ensure that you leave wearing your best complimentary tone. There is a very fine art to this service, so be sure to have a healthy, yummy meal before you arrive and mark out an entire morning and afternoon. Color correction takes diligent patience and precision, but the results are worth the time.

$20+: An add-on process after your color application. Works wonders for hair that needs to be toned or richened, especially during different seasons when your hair needs extra TLC from too much sun or dryness. This service is typically suggested every two to three months, depending on your hair’s natural porosity.

$10: Never had one? Oh, but you must! It’s the absolute quickest way to brighten your face!

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Clementine is a 100% vegan Aveda color salon.

Pick up your correct color shampoo and conditioner as you end your time with us. We encourage you to invest in your hair wisely. Our products 100% guarantee the longevity and integrity of your adored tresses.

Extra Little
“Feel Good” Touches

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Private sessions are available to discuss your perfect hair piece or full wig if you are enduring cancer treatment and hair loss.
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Eyebrow Shaping: $20
Facial Hair Removal: $20 – $30
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$35 (when combined with Rest and Unwind time)

Indulge in this simple sensory neck, scalp and hand massage with your choice of aromatic oils to suit your vibe and mood.

Hair Treatments​

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$90+ (blowout included). This sumptuous cocktail of moisture repair treatments is customized precisely for your hair’s type and needs. Your luscious, glossy locks will thank you! This surface smoothing and glossing treatment is superb for faded summer hair, dry winter hair, or a general richening of tones due to over-shampooing.
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$100+ (blowout included). Using the latest scientifically created (and eco-friendly) products from the best experts in the industry such as Olaplex, K18, Davines, Saphira and Aveda, these treatments strengthen and bond the hair from within. Treat yourself to a deep dose of restorative hair care that has lasting effects for months.
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$450+: This treatment is especially for you if you have thick, curly, coarse, wavy, unruly or frizzy hair. Enjoy smooth and healthy results lasting up to six months with this sulfate free, nontoxic, and mild plant-based treatment. Available on Sundays only.

"Open your bottle of creative perfume and spill it across your body and your world. Scent your journey with all that you are . . . your aromapoetry . . . then sit back and enjoy the visual aroma that makes others want more."

Rest and Unwind:

Complimentary . . . (our gift to you . . . because we all need a break!)

  • Craving a bit of down time? Arrive 30 minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment and savor a silent slice of heaven in our comfy shampoo bar lounge chairs or outdoor patio garden. Indulge in a mini-spa treatment of either a hot or cool towel wrap and light conditioning treatment over your hair. Close your eyes, stretch your legs. . .  and allow your cares to melt away. 
  •  In colder months, get toasty with a hand cream treatment and heated mitts to soak in the emollients. 
  • Add aromatherapy to any of the above for $35.
  • Please call in advance so we can reserve a space for you.
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We are heavily scheduled at various times during the year. To assure the consistency of your fabulous hair, please schedule your next appointment in advance when leaving the salon.
First appointment?
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Respectfully call if you are going to be late, as it affects others’ appointments that same day. We pride ourselves on running a punctual schedule for everyone.
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Kindly cancel 24 hours or more in advance. One of our wait-listed guests will be so grateful for that last-minute opening.
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If you are sick, sneezing, coughing, feverish, congested, or have a sore throat, we reserve the right to refuse your appointment time with us. We love you. We don’t love contagious germs. Please be thoughtful and reschedule your appointment.
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Until further notice, we require all guests to wear wire-rimmed medical masks that fit neatly around the nose and mouth during their entire time in the salon.
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We honor absolutely everyone’s beliefs and chosen lifestyles. The Studio's vibe offers sublime hairdressing combined with a 100% retreat from the outside world. Please help us maintain our Zen atmosphere of acceptance and inclusion by refraining from discussing politics during your precious and peaceful time with us. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, as well as the right to spend quiet time in a safe, relaxing retreat setting.

Please visit us on the regular!
Investing in yourself includes consistent hair appointments for dependably beautiful hair, whether you are out in the world living your best life or at home totally relaxing.

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A good color and cut actually needs very little product to support it. The absolute “must haves” are 1) a color-supportive shampoo, 2) conditioner and 3) smoothing styling product. With these three basics, you will minimize the time spent on your hair and build consistent ease into your life.

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Gift certificates are available for purchase in person or over the phone.

Treat your friend or loved one!

Call (412) 261-0909 for more information.

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