Christine Goodis Solstice

Happy Solstice

"I'm a raving maximalist but summer seems to teach me more lessons that less is more and slow is fast."

"At the end of every day, remember to congratulate yourself."

Happy Solstice


Most of you that know me, know that I am a lover of the cooler side of winter and autumn. The shadows, the contrast and the quietness capture my spirit. I really try to love summer, for what would our Great Mother Earth be without warmth and sunshine!


The summer solstice approaches and heat wipes me out and slows me down. Summer early wee hour mornings and summer evenings are my favorite. I’m a morning human, so I love to make a cup of java (more on that in a moment) and dash outdoors to see what grew in a happy and lush manner overnight.

This year I decided to take yet another step towards honoring my body. So, with much research I decided to switch my love of coffee to 1/2 caffeinated coffee. I started this in January of 2022. Great news, even with the summer solstice approaching, I’m still enjoying it and my body has acclimated to a more subtle wake up call in the mornings.

I no longer can handle the jittery feeling from caffeine, but I get all the flavor. As a younger hairdresser, I lived on coffee to get thru 14 hour days of hairdressing and then dancing 8 nights per week. (yes 8, if not more if you add up the hours, nights, months, years and decades). 

Being kinder to my body feels really good and I’m learning quite the valuable lesson of a word I never embraced until most recently, called “subtle”. Which brings me right back to our seasons. Subtle seasons…I dig that.

The extreme of heat and the rudeness (how dare her be so bold) of the sun right over our heads is just as harsh as a long extreme dark and frigid winter.  So….my most favorite of all is the autumnal (I love that word and use it as often as possible) season.

I mean, come on..who doesn’t love to stomp in a comfy pair of boots, a lightly layered sweater and a long linen/cotton skirt? Well…maybe not everyone loves that obviously, but it sure is a comfortable way to get thru ones day.

Having finished my little rant here, I wish you a good summer (its almost the summer solstice) and a healthy joyful summer. I’m a raving maximalist but summer seems to teach me more lessons that less is more and slow is fast.

Less food.

Lighter clothing.

More water.

Slower movements.

If you are truly open, you too can hear the little lessons that come your way in every way. Pay attention to your internal chatter and soothe your soul on the daily.

Love to you,
Coyote Tangerine



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