The Studio’s anthro-inspired boutique is chock full of wonders to behold, buy, gift or give to yourself. Meander through our peaceful space and become acquainted with well-loved vintage artifacts, scrumptious-smelling hair products, charming tokens of thoughtfulness, and items to entice the senses.

"The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper."

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Are you an artisan seeking a unique space to sell your one-of-a-kind items?

I'd love to talk!
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Are you a hair stylist in training?

Work alongside Christine as she takes you under her wing as an assistant.


Every detail of the Studio is an expression of something that I love. Part boho . . . blended with Santa Fe’s land of enchantment influences . . . with a slight rock ‘n roll and Southwest desert/mountain vibe, it represents my years of antiquing for vintage objects, items of inspiration, and historical American artifacts that I  found in the foothills of the Wild West mountains.

A turquoise chandelier above the shampoo bar adds illumination and a sense of strength. Apothecary metal cabinets serve as an aromatherapy oils dispensary. An original Coca-Cola machine that once kicked  out chilled beverages. Each and every item I’ve christened into this space has a story, like the elegant mirror that I’ve designed hair in front of since 1995; it dates back 200+ years when it originally graced the walls of the Greensburg Courthouse.

The items sold in the boutique also have their own stories. Most are the handiwork of artisans both local and international, crafted in richly cherished villages from cultures around the globe.

Along my journey, I was drawn to create an eclectic corner of the world filled with lush, feel-good memorabilia, one that I or anyone could walk into and feel surrounded by history, love and lore. Growing up, my mother’s gardens and greenhouse taught me the Law of Color, which remains my greatest passion to this day. 

That’s why I say that LOVE leads the way to my Studio. I’ll meet you here, in my stylist chair.

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